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Working away at computer, my son Nate walks by and I hear him say “I’m just a rascal.” He said it like to himself, in a very matter-of-fact way.

Wonder what he is up to???

My son Nate and Christmas

Today my wife Julie says “I asked the boys what should we get Daddy for Christmas?” and Nate (my 4 year old) said “Get him a computer what when he types on it money comes out.”

I’m like yeah, Daddy would love that!  I am typing away right now, but no money is coming out.  If only…

So all those times Nate asks “Daddy why are you always typing on the computer?”  Daddy replies: “I am trying to make money for the family Nate so we can buy toys and food and stuff.”  Well, I been complaining about being temporarily poor lately, so I guess Nate’s idea of the solution is to get a better computer  (-: