exploring bibliography / citation management and JavaScript

exploring bibliography / citation management and JavaScript:

The citeproc-js Citation Processor



hmm, for legal citations, an extractor (but we are wanting bibliographic):

Find and edit CSL citation styles

Google Scholar™ Citation Exporter is an ECMA/Javascript add-in to support a researcher’s efforts to collect forward-citation data for entries returned by Google Scholar™.


Where did FreeCite come from?

FreeCite was developed through a partnership between the Brown University Library and Providence-based start-up Public Display, with funding from the Mellon Foundation. FreeCite was inspired by ParsCit. Much thanks to ParsCit’s maintainer, Isaac Councill.

FreeCite is implemented in Ruby on Rails and uses the CRF++ library implementation of conditional random fields. Our model is trained on the CORA dataset with lexical augmentation from the Directory of Research and Researchers at Brown (DRR-B).

Other Citation Tools

If you’re interested in a tool like FreeCite, you should check out these other citation tools:

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