What’s wrong with Facebook

Facebook has all your friends and associates, but not much tooling to collaborate with them.  Everyone can project into the feed but there is little to no shared creation and most interaction is superficial.  The “look at me, look at me” that FB is now instead needs to become let us –together — do something meaningful.  FB has APIs for independent developers; but such APIs don’t allow those developers to add real substance. Search is lame; and semantic relationships – how add?  I would like tools to collaborate with my FB friends in shared interest groups.  FB has groups.  and Events.  but needs joint writing and organization tools.  Collaboration tools.  What sort of collaboration tools?  Use cases?



  • Hi Golda:

    So I want to work on this:
    • a deep structured organizer (for long term) of content; integrated with sharing/collaboration enablement

    the term deep structured organizer coming from you.


    I started collecting more notes here:


    as I try to figure out what to actually build.

    I scored the domain name zoca.io – so I guess I shall build it there.
    I still hope for any input — reminders even of what you have shared previously — about what “it” should exactly be.
    what should a
    • it:  a deep structured organizer (for long term) of content; integrated with sharing/collaboration enablement

    look like in a first try?



    for me ‘it’ starts with the data structures, the main thing to me is the vocabulary of relations between nodes, the verbs, including things like ‘implements’, ‘inspired by’, ‘example of’, ‘interested in’, ‘show to’.  I used a sql database with a relations table, any graph db would work too.  categories and ideas can be things too.

    basically I see it as a way of digitizing intention, long term threads and projects; also like having your own projection of information space.

    but the simple approach is like a faceted organizer, so basically showing whatever selection of things are tied to the current node, maybe up to 2 steps out.  some of the verbs will have to do with collaboration and some of the nodes have to do with people, and a context could be a tuple of nodes, like ‘myself and Dave’ should show all the stuff we are collaborating on.

    I think its critical to have it be driven by the data schema, with as much of the relationships as possible in the data rather than in the code.

    Would love to get together on this and set up a structure that drives it forward.  I realized that tying things to definite times and doing pair coding is really effective in moving things forward.  (So rather than discussing, we could pair work on it at specific times, as well as it being primarily your baby.  I don’t need ownership or direction of it.  I’ll have opinions but won’t be offended when you ignore them 🙂 )


    Ya!  for sure.  I will check in to plan when once I get some moments to think

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