I have been thinking I should try meditation lately. Partly because it might help me figure out next steps, which have been eluding me lately. Partly because I met a beautiful woman who meditates so now it is all the more interesting (-:

I have done some meditation in the sense of focused breathing into all your different body parts… and attempting to think only of that and to clear the mind completely… and to fight stress with that practice.

Really though I am not sure I even understand what meditation is. I get that it can be guided, and in talking with the beautiful one, I get that is likely the way to start.

Next door to my office they have a regular meditation group… perhaps I should join that. I think I would prefer something alone though.

These podcasts look interesting:

Today I discovered that a colleague I respect is doing a talk on meditation/mindfulness at the University of Arizona IT Summit – meditation at an IT conference?  Now that is a surprise.  The talk is titled “THE SKILL THAT CAN IMPACT ALL SKILLS.”  Hmmm… sounds like mindfulness practice and meditation might be an important missing piece to my life arsenal.



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