Why does Udemy change their pricing around so much?? – questionable bait and switch pricing – save money on Udemy

So I went to buy a course on Udemy – I was not signed in and initially it was priced at $10.99:

I added it to my cart and went to purchase it, and the system had “errors” and the price changed to $28.99.  What??

So then I used an incognito window in Chrome to view the pitch page again, and the price was $12.99, which is what I ended up paying – but I used a new email address to sign up – this was the price it was advertised at – why is Udemy engaging in the very questionable practice of bait and switch pricing?

I am wondering is this even legal… I saw no disclaimers saying the original price displayed was only for new users – it did NOT say that.  So it appears to be a total bait and switch… or rather just that they are attempting to price differently for new users versus users who have bought courses before (I have purchased a couple of classes from them in the past.) . Clearly they are implementing such in a devious way then, or have a very faulty approach.

I suppose this can be seen as a way to save money on Udemy courses.  Make sure you check the price in a Google Incognito window before buying… as you might not be getting the lowest price otherwise.  I guess more not so much a way to save money but rather a way to make sure you don’t get overcharged relative to other buyers.  Jeez.  Shame that we have to go to such trouble though — Udemy should have the same price for everyone!



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