Bootstrap forms – tools

I assume folks know, but there are multiple boilerplate generators out there for quickly fleshing out bootstrap forms, on even whole pages.

Like here, drag and drop some form controls and then grap the html under the Rendered tab:
jetstrap is one that allows more mockup:
anyway, a time saver.

Typical github steps moving in a new repository

Global setup:
Set up git
git config --global "Dave Parizek"
git config --global

Next steps:
mkdir UAC
cd UAC
git init
touch README
git add README
git commit -m 'first commit'
git remote add origin
git push -u origin master

Existing Git Repo?
cd existing_git_repo
git remote add origin
git push -u origin master

Restarting Apache, different ways

Just reference for restarting apache, different strokes for different servers:

# /etc/init.d/httpd restart
# /etc/init.d/httpd start
# /etc/init.d/httpd stop

# service httpd restart

# apachectl -k graceful

sometimes you need sudo because it might only see the path from root