Dave’s Bads


Given we both seem to be very excited to meet and seem such a great paper match I feel I should share some bad things about me that might be potential deal breakers for you from a romantic standpoint. It sucks so much to share one’s downsides before someone has gotten to know all the good things about oneself… but out of respect to you, and because you seem so fit and active, I feel I should share the below up front.

Overall I am a really really great catch. Obviously I’m biased (-; — but I think I can sincerely assert that — given all the feedback I have received and the work I have done on myself over these dating years.

If the below are romantic deal breakers, I hope hope hope you will still consider a platonic friendship if it works out we have friendship chemistry when we meet.

I am not presuming — I know chemistry can be a very fickle and unpredictable beast, but anyway… who knows if we even hit it off that way in the fullness of time, but since we are meeting thru a dating site to see if we are a romantic match, I feel I should share.

1. I used to smoke cigarettes, for many many years, and I have some COPD to show for it.

That means:

— my life expectancy is still normal as long as I never start smoking again, which I will not

— I can still lead a very active lifestyle and hike the world, just on the uphills I breathe heavy and might slow you down or be annoying because sometimes I might have to catch my breath. Perhaps you could march on and I could catch up with you in time. On flat ground I can go go go. I can hit the Loop and cycle 20-30 miles no problem… but like if I met an avid cyclist who wants to barrel all the way up Mt. Lemmon, that is probably not in the cards for me. High altitude climbing might be out of the cards for me too, I am not sure.

— I am most definitely quit on cigarettes, but I keep a supply of nicotine tablets on hand, and might use them if socially drinking or work is at a super stressful period, etc. to make absolutely sure that I don’t mess up and ever actually smoke again.

2. I have sleep apnea because my windpipe is very narrow apparently.

This means:

— I use this stupid stupid CPAP machine at night while sleeping. It is a mask and it adds pressurized room air to keep my throat open.

— Thanks to the stupid machine, I don’t snore at all.

— None of the women I have dated so far have seemed to mind it at all… mostly it is just something that I hate and makes me very self-conscious. Some of the women have even rejoiced because they hate snoring.

— The machine would make it hard for me to do a long backpacking trip. There are travel versions, and I have a battery for mine, so I could still do a 1-2 day trip, maybe longer if I took a solar charger, but then I would obviously have more to pack, which might limit things. I could still do long regular non-backpacking camping trips.

— There are new therapies on the horizon so the stupid machine might not be a forever thing.

My health otherwise is excellent… good cholesterol, testosterone, heart is great, all flying colors when I get a physical. And no STD’s, all recently tested and clean, although maybe that is TMI for someone I haven’t even met.

Maybe all that is TMI or will be a mute point given we haven’t even met and who knows if we will click. But you seem amazing, and I want to be up front, in case we do click. And to let you know if any of that is a deal breaker, I totally understand, it is ok for it to be a deal breaker.