Hi Katherine:

So I wish somehow I could get more than one shot at this. You seem like the most amazing of souls and my gut tells me I want to know you so bad and learn from you and just bask in all that radiance. I wish I could be adopted as your sixth dog, and just observe and protect and learn and appreciate. You already have five, why not one more?

I have pathetically not seen Harold and Maude, but have heard of it of course; that will be remedied this weekend. I say “of course” but so much that you seem to know about and might perhaps apply “of course” to I have no clue. Jazz chickens now awaits on my kindle. And I am guessing I should read Trout Fishing in America before his daughter’s memoir, now on the list. So even if I never get to meet you, thank you so much for a profile full of interesting paths to explore!

So how did you get the rescue animal long distance courier gig? Why do so many dogs need to be driven across the country – what is up with that?

I am so jealous of your creativity. I attempt to write some… https://parizek.com/my-first-date-ever/ and my story in 50 bullet points… https://parizek.com/joy/

My friends tell me I should write a book from my dating experiences. I very much want to contribute something creative to the world… you mention your videography project and I have contemplated the same… or a book… or ???… next up on that quest I need to finish “The Making of a Story” by Alice LaPlante. When I was younger I would have had a million ideas though; now I flounder because I don’t even know the story I want to tell, which nags at my peace. I suspect I want somehow to address all the suffering out there, and share hope.

Red dress in water photo makes me feel so peaceful. And how come so lightly lustful at the same time? You have such cool handwriting in the penny journal. Why pomegranate? My last name is Bohemian, but you seem the greater gypsy soul. I am Sagittarian, Year of the Snake, INFP but now more ENFP, attachment style secure but leaning to anxious/ambivalent when not secure, and smitten by the way you accessorize.

And yes, of course, I love all good dogs, and all dogs are good.

Maybe we could meet for a socially-distanced coffee and see if we have friend chemistry, for starters?